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Get all the hairs out – This wax only act on hair and will not drag your skin. It works on all the types, including coarse, short hair. Quickly pull all of the hairs out against the direction of the hair growth and didn’t hurt your skin. Suitable for legs,underarms, chest, back of men and women.
Easy to clean and use – Effective wax, heats evenly, applies smoothly and dries super fast. Beans are melted at a temperature of about 45 degrees. It is very easy to clean up once it be hardened. If it leaves fragmented pieces of wax, use olive oil with cotton ball to remove the residue. No strip needed, much easier to use.
Almost pain free in right usage- 1.Heat the wax to a working temperature through wax heater or other device. 2. Ensure wax is not too hot for skin, and clean your skin. 3.Using a spatula in package to spread a layer of firm wax onto the area to be treated. 4.After wax has cooled down, holding the skin taut to remove the wax with a firm action against the direction of the hair growth.

Usually dispatched within 24 hours

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