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JOIN THE FOREFRONT OF SHAVING: With a patented six-blade angular shaving platform, Dorco has created the next generation of razors dermatologically tested to shave smooth with a single stroke while replenishing skin at the same time.
GO DEEP: The pivoting head follows every contour of your beard, and the wide guard bar preps your hair for a deep shave the likes of which you’ve never felt with a manual razor. The ergonomic handle with stylised rubber grip fits your hand like a glove and prevents those dreaded slips.
SOOTHE SENSITIVE SKIN: The Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Lavender on the lubrication strip of the Pace 6+ immediately go to work moisturising and enriching your skin as you shave. When you’re done, a quick rinse will get rid of clogging debris and leave all six blades sharp and ready to go the next time.

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